Living together

Living together with dirt has become part of us. We usually find it very difficult tolerate fellow human being and tend to live together with dirts that are harmful to our body and our environment.He said it was regrettablee that most people had to be forced to clean their environment. It is sad therefore that as a people, we have to be told and ordered to clean our environment. A dirty environment pollutes, causes sickness and impoverishes us as a people.Network of African Youths for Development is calling on all citizens to clean their surroundings as a habit. The Sanitation exercise should not be seen as a forced labour. People should stop defecating in the open to avoid contaminating our sources of water. we should imbibe the habit of proper disposal of waste, because a clean environment is necessary for healthy living.

The government should reintroduce the weekly sanitation exercise in all in towns and cities to regain its past glory of being the clean as before. The government should think of the reintroduction of the sanitary inspection of toilets and other waste disposal facilities at home. The reintroducation of the sanitation exercise should be a welcome development, considering the health risks associated with the habit of indiscriminate and improper disposal of waste in spite of the efforts of government to keep our cities clean, through engagement of street cleaners and the provision of waste bins in strategic location.

”Dumping of waste on water ways is a very bad habit that obstructs the free flow of water and can cause floods.
“People should form the habit of properly dumping waste in the waste bins provided by the government. 
Environmental pollution is a big  problem in the world, since it had defied all efforts aimed at tackling it. Nature was designed in such a way that it would cope with itself, but that with the habitation of the humans, the environment became affected by human activities.
People should be committed to making the environment clean for the good of all. People should imbibe the habit of planting trees in their surroundings to reduce the effect of global warming.


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