TAKE ACTION: Let the Senseless Killings Stop

I have watched with growing dismay, shock and sadness at the recent happenings in my country- Cameroon  With each passing day, we hear news of killings and mayhem in the country. The most recent being the cowardly, sickening slaughter of close to 50 youths in Santa. 
Everytime I think of those youngsters, my eyes well up with tears. You see, I was born and spent a better part of my high school years in Bamenda and it was one of the best experiences of my youth. Life was carefree and innocent and the only things we worried about then were what life will become when we get to the University and being ‘punished’ by seniors for not doing our chores - never the thought that you could be murdered in the middle of the night.

I cannot bear to think of the terror the youngsters must have felt, the fear, the pain. Their lives prematurely cut short. They are dead – they will never graduate, get a job, start a business, get married, have their own children. All that was taken away from them in an instant.
 This just cannot go on. We cannot fold our arms and watch the future of our brothers and sister being slaughtered away.
 I’m just an ordinary human being  who cannot bear to see these wanton acts of destruction in my region of origin. So, will you join me? In making our voices heard?
 By the leadership of all  nation, especially the supper powers, the United Nation, human right etc. That they should get to work in stamping out the menace that is slowing tearing the fabric of the people of North West and South West Regions of Cameroon  apart.
Share this petition with everyone you know. Take action if you can .
These senseless killings must stop.
Thank you.


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