Years back, the Anglophone problem was referred to as two cubes of sugar in a basin of water. The two cubes of sugar have snowballed into a TSUNAMI that will not only sweep away this Regime but it threatens the very core of the Cameroonian State. The two cubes of sugar have now caused an entire Government to run helter-skelter in diverse ministerial delegations to the US, Belgium, UK, NIGERIA, SOUTH AFRICA and still counting. Just two cubes of sugar.
A minister signed an Executive order banning the name Anglophone and referring rather to the NW and SW Regions (confirming the thesis of two cubes of sugar) as though it changes anything.There is a lot of power in the tongue. Hon Wirba who made the above statement had NO intent to spite the Anglophones at all; but I wonder if he never knew that he was making a prophetic declaration that will transform Cameroon for the entire life time. He didn’t mention that these two cubes of sugar have failed to dissolve for 60 years and still counting. We cannot under mind the effects on the human body, when the pancreas fail to dissolve sugar and the body is starved of energy, a very dangerous type of diabetes that prevents the system from functioning normally, leading to a plethora of diseases outside diabetes like; high blood pressure kidney problems, excessive loss of weight, impotence and others. Cameroon is exhibiting the exact diabetic trait today with the rise of the Anglophone problem.
The first stage of INSANITY is when you keep counting the money in your pocket over and over and over again, expecting that it will increase. For years now, diverse delegations have shuttled the national territory in a bid to diffuse the current stalemate to no avail. These delegations have had both serious and comic agents of this dark Regime and Cameroonians have not been spared of the comedy like when the people of WUM embarrassed PM YANG by asking him to explain to the people what happened in lake Nyos in 1985 or Ngalle Bibehe who wept bitterly in full view of the public or Garga Haman Adji who was disgraced in Kumba and given marching orders, before he turned coat and masterminded the arrest of Anglophone leaders or even Bishop Kleda who was humiliated so badly. Prof Goghomu led the inter-ministerial commission that failed woefully in Bamenda. I see a failed state, a regime that is in its last days and the leaders know it so well, reason why they want to destroy the little that is left before they leave the stage. Most of these big wigs have bought houses and sent their families abroad because of the highly volatile and potentially explosive situation they have created back home.
God has taken up the battle and the enemy is now within the house. A bishop was assassinated and faked drowning, shortly after that, 31 soldiers drowned in Cameroonian territory, most of who have not been found till date, 1 month today, and God showed us what true drowning was all about. The same week a gendarme killed 4 people including 3 officers in Maroua. The next week a military train derailed around Edea. On the day of the Bishop’s funeral, 2 expert escort riders meet their death, something unheard of in the history of this country. Believe me or not, God has taken over the battle and all the evils of this land will be exposed and atoned for.
The greatest paradox that defies all human logic here is that the people who are fighting to killing Anglophones and are fighting very hard the Anglo-Saxon culture are encouraging it at home and even abroad. Reminds me of professional election riggers who mounted the streets to celebrate OBAMA victory and the thrive of American Democracy, yet they specialize in stealing votes and in rigging elections back home. They applaud Democracy, Development and Good Governance abroad but they do the reverse back home. This also reminds me of our Sunday school teacher whose prayer waslord give us more Priests, Pastors and Catechists but not my sons
Frank Biya spent so many years in the US, an Anglo Saxon country as opposed to France which would have been logical because his family is French-speaking. Brenda Biya followed suit and she is perfect in the English language. Mendo Ze has kids in the US, Antoine Tsimi studied in the US, same with Justen Ndioro who lived and studied in the US for many years, Esimi Menye lived and worked in the US before coming to work as minister and returned to the US. Marafa Hamidou Yaya studied in the US as well and speaks perfect English. Laurent Esso courted an Anglophone woman for many years and has three big children (who are above 30 years of age) with her who are following the Anglo-Saxon culture and bear his full names yet he is the one torturing Anglophones this way.
So why are these leaders following the Anglo-Saxon culture abroad yet they are seeking to destroy the same culture at home?
Take a look at our universities; anyone can realize the massive influx of francophones into BUEA and BAMENDA universities. Go even to our colleges, Sacred Heart, SASSE, Lourdes, Sakes Baptist, SAC, PSS Mankon, etc, there is a growing population of francophones there, anybody can testify to these.
So why the fighting, why the hatred?The Anglo-Saxon culture is being adopted world wide as the universal culture and Cameroon has a special grace of having two dominating world cultures (ENGLISH and FRENC) yet visionless leaders are seeking to destroy the English culture. You never know what you have till you lose it. While China, India, Pakistan and Arab Gulf States are spending billions of dollars to import English teachers, visionless leaders in Cameroon are fighting tooth and nail to phagocyte the English culture. English has become the universal travel, business, science and technology, and information and communication language worldwide. Those who travel abroad can testify, we have all sign posts must have English, before any other language.
Let see what those two cubes of sugar has done since the crisis started.
1. Two cubes of sugar given government sleepless nights  with no sign of stopping soon
2. Two cubes of sugar have paralyzed our Courts
3. Two cubes of sugar have grounded our schools.
4. Two cubes of sugar have displaced hundreds of military men into southern Cameroons
5. Two cubes of sugar displaced an entire Government, the Prime Minister, several Ministers of State to southern Cameroons
6. Two cubes of sugar have turned the Bafut airport into a military base
7. Two cubes of sugar have caused the building of Reference Hospitals in Buea and Bamenda
8. Two cubes of sugar have caused BIYA to stay home for the longest period ever in decades in the midst of heightened anti-BIYA sentiments and for fear of his life and for his throne.
9. Two cubes of sugar have dispatched top ministerial delegations abroad
10. Two cubes of sugar have made major headlines in both the National and Foreign press for over a year now with no sign of backing down soon
11. Two cubes of sugar have caused several Government Ministers to take turns in mounting podiums of various radio and TV channels talking about National unity for first time ever in the history of Cameroon.
12. Two cubes of sugar cause the internet shut down in what was known as the record breaking longest ever internet black out the world have ever known
13. Two cubes of sugar caused the transfer of Anglophone magistrates back to their regions
14. Two cubes of sugar created the Common Law Bench at the Supreme Court
15. Two cubes of sugar have imposed Common Law Departments in ENAM and in all state Universities.
16. Two cubes of sugar have created over 50000 new refugees 
17. Two cubes of sugar have employed 1000 Bilingual teachers
18. Two cubes of sugar just created a new ministry. The ministry of Territorial administration 
19. Two cubes of sugar also created the bilingualism commission in Cameroon. 
20. Two cubes of sugar has caused the stability of a once peaceful and United country. 

We really need to stop minimizing our problems. Every problem no matter how small needs a solution. 


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