He is the law

Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine remains the only Cameroon that has stood in ground against injustice in Cameroon. The Attorney general was arrested along side on the prominent layers and teachers, detainedand later release have through his foundation, THE AYAH FOUNDATION  remain the only organization that is taking great care of the Cameroonian refugees both in Nigeria and the internally displaced persons in Cameroon.
Thought forcefully retired he through his young dynamic son Ayah Ayah Abine have dedicated their lives, their fortune, their time and energy in sErving the oppressed. The Ayah Foundation provides food, shelter, clothings, medical assistance and many more to the Cameroonian in varied conditions or if you are a medical doctor, contact the Ayah Foundation and volunteer in consulting the oppress.

The question, how long will the Ayah Foundation sustain the increasing needs of the people. Are you sleeping in a comfortable bed? Do you have enough food to eat? Do you walk freely in yoyo street? If your answer to any of these questions if not all is yes, know that there are people out there who are lashing their teeth. Spare you old dresses, excess food,  buy and tent or even support the Ayah foundation financially.

 Visit them on http://www.ayahfoundation.org or email : ayahfoundationn@gmail.com
 You can still reach them on phone using 00237671177111 or 00237693939559

Muh Plavious


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