Cooked GCE results In Cameroon

Cameroon GCE BOARD produces faulty Result slipts 2018.

Numerous errors on candidates result slipts for GCE. Candidates of St Bedes , Lourdes who sat for Literature and succeeded saw absent in their result slipts . Some candidates who did not register for a particular subject found the subjects on their slipts with a pass mark. Results for Religious studies in CPC Bali where all the students sat for appeared indicating the students were absent for the subject. Two Arts students of GHS Mankon noticed Physics and further Maths on their slipts with a pass mark instead of History and Geography.Worst scandal is in ST Albert where the best student in the Arts , with 5 papers shockingly saw absent (×) in two subjects- LiT and History.  18 result slipts from same school appeared  totally blanc. In CCcast Bambili result slipts for 10 Students carried commercial and technical subjects like building construction and Drawing which are not offered in the school. Some students who failed the GCE discovered on their slipts they passed with good grades. Advanced level with a maximum of five subjectstar have result slipts with student havingredients six subjects and ordinary level with a maximum of 11 subjects saw students with pass in 18 subjects.  Many students who registered and didn't write the GCE because of the Anglophone crisis found themselves succeeding in all their subjects.

Unsuccessful candidates and even those who did not write now troops examination centre hoping to have pass results on the result slipts.



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