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Set your priorities

If we want to set our priorities straight, we need to get rid of the distractions. Turn off the TV and throw our  phone out the window, it's time to focus on bettering our  life and leaving the clutter at the door. We should set aside time on our  calendar to set our priorities, but also start eliminating distractions. Jack ma, one of the world richest and  finest before becoming who he is, started from nothing. He had to; 1. He Figured Out What was Most Important to him Before we can set our priorities, we need to figure out exactly what they are. We have limited time and energy so we need to determine what our top priorities are at any given moment. 2. He created An Action Plan It's time we put thoughts into action. Take a few moments to create a plan of where we will like to see ourselves in the next couple of months or years. We align those dreams with your priorities to help you focus on making our wishes come true. 3. He designated Specific Time Slots For Tas


Social and Political Unrest Threaten African Economic Prospects When the colonies finally received their independence, it was hoped to be a new era for the continent. However, the African dream faltered soon after independence. Poverty, corruption, mismanagement, and political instability became synonymous with the continent. But when we entered the third millennium (from January 2001) of this Common Era, things began to change for many countries in Africa. Poverty and ignorance started declining, ushering in fresh hope, with citizens eager for a new narrative. The hopelessness associated with the continent began to disappear. Wealthy countries from Euro-Asia, who had never set foot in Africa, started searching for new economic opportunities holding mutual benefits for all involved. With this new hope, the media, academics, and observers started heaping praise on Africa.  The Economist  published a cover story titled “Africa Rising.” A Texas business school professor publ