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Seven years in torture

Another seven years of pains, suffering, brutality, 7 years of marginalisation, 7 years of annexation,  7 years of joblessness. Live is better abroad. I prefer to be slave in a foreign land that at home. 
                 MUH PLAVIOUS               NAYD, CAMEROON

Pourquoi Pr Maurice Kamto n’a pas perdu l' election présidentielle 2018


Yaounde and Douala militarised

Cameroon’s two major cities were tense on Sunday and riot police were on the streets as security forces try to prevent protests before the results of the country’s controversial presidential election are released.
Dozens of riot police, some armed with machine guns, surrounded the activist and politician Kah Walla’s house on Sunday afternoon, preventing her from leaving to attend a peaceful demonstration planned in the centre of Douala, the economic capital.
The election results are due to be released on Monday morning, and are widely expected to show a resounding victory for Paul Biya , the country’s octogenarian president who put himself forward for a seventh term. The protest was billed as a march “to say goodbye to Biya” who, in his 36th year as president, spends a significant amount of his time on holiday in Geneva.
The opposition has said there was widespread fraud and voter intimidation in the 7 October election, and rejected the results early on despite the fact that they had…

Post election fever in Cameroon

Cameroon’s economic capital Douala has been highly militarised to contain a planned protest march organised by political actors against what they describe as massive fraud during the October 7 Presidential election.
Though banned by local authorities, organisers have vowed the protest will take place, prompting security officials to take measures to counter any move.
Thus the city woke up to a heavy deployment of troops and anti riot vans at strategic areas of the town with security checks carried out.
Reports say at least four persons have been arrested by security forces around the Rond Dakar neighbourhood in the Douala III sub division where the protest was supposed to take place.
The residences of the main organisers Jean Michel Nintcheu as well as that of activist Edith Kah Walla were heavily militarised with reports pointing to a possible house arrest.
A video that was later released showed Kah Walla, urging the security men to leave her residence saying she is not part of any …

Tribalism in Cameroon

Cameroon has more than 240 tribes which are found in three main ethnic groups; Bantus, Semi-Bantus and Sudanese. The number of national languages spoken in the country is more than 240. The most notable tribes are:
BANTUS: Beti, Bassa, Bakundu, Maka, Douala, Pygmies……
SEMI-BANTUS: Bamileke, Gbaya, Bamoun, Tikar……..
SUDANESE: Fulbe, Mafa, Toupouri, Shoa-Arabs, Moundang, Massa, Mousgoum.
1. President of the Constitutional Council: ATANGANA Clement is Beti 2. Vice-President of the Constitutional Council a Beti: Mfoumane Akame Uncle and Special Adviser of Biya Paul, President of Cameroon. 3. Madame Mfoumane a Beti: Mayor of Meyomessala is Beti 4. Lawyer elecam , Atangana is Beti 5. CPDM Representative a Beti: Gregoire Owona 6. Representative of the Ministry of Defense a Beti: Colonel Mvondo 7. Minister of Defense: Beti Assomo 8. Delegate to National Security; Martin Mbarga Nguele 9. Minister of Territorial Administration  representative at the constitut…

Graphic images, viewer discretion advised

My mum is in her early 60s. Last week she was kidnapped and taken to the hideout of the independent fighters at Ndop, Ngokentunjia division in the North West Region of Cameroon.  Her phone was switch off and three hours later, we were able to reach her on phone. We negotiated for a Ransom of 1.4 million francfor her to be release.

After her release, I went home to take her to Bangolan,  Ndop to bring her to Yaounde but all the road were blocked. I decided to take her through the foumban but the Bamoun who earlier allowed me to pass to my village refused and said no northwesterner was going to pass through their land. I tracked back through a distance of about 10km with her. Getting home, she was already tired and never wanted to go again. The military we busy brutalizing and extorting money from the local population, burning down houses and raping girls. I decided to take the risk,  convinced my mum to go with since I was afraid she counderstands be burned alive in the house. Yester…

The wave of change in Cameroon

The Cameroon Concord News Group’s exit polls had already pointed out that Professor Kamto would be the next president of the country, though many CPDM -the party that has been in power in Cameroon since independence -members were questioning the results of the exit poll. But after having received all the polling results from our reporters and undercover agents, it is clear that the man who once served under the incumbent, Paul Biya, will be the country’s next president.
According to the reports sent to our global headquarters, Professor Kamto has a clear lead in the far north, littoral, Center and west regions which are heavily populated regions.  Professor Kamto’s vast victory margin in these four regions makes it hard for the incumbent to narrow the gap, as his victory is only in sparsely populated regions like the south and east regions.
A computation of the entire results give Professor Kamto slightly over 37%, while the incumbent ends up in fourth position with 18.4%. Mr. Joshua…

Uncertainty around Yaoundé

Yaoundé inhabitants are in great fear as election day approaches. Since yesterday Friday 5th october 2018, yaounde is littered with military and armor Car moving from one part of the town to another. For fear of the unknown, denizens of Yaounde have stock their home with as much food that they can buy should in case the worse should happen.  On the eve of the election, today Saturday 6th October 2018, there is shortage of bread and other foodstuff around the city. People seems to the anticipation civil unrest and to be on the safe side are gather enough to feed their families.

Last month salaries have not also been paid by many actor in the private sector. They are holding their workings salaries till after election.  Many say they have had a consultation meetings and withheld salaries as could be used to sponsor war.

Internet services have not also been the best. Since the 5th, customers are receiving messages of incident on optical fibers and many say the government intended to sus…