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My mum is in her early 60s. Last week she was kidnapped and taken to the hideout of the independent fighters at Ndop, Ngokentunjia division in the North West Region of Cameroon.  Her phone was switch off and three hours later, we were able to reach her on phone. We negotiated for a Ransom of 1.4 million francfor her to be release.

After her release, I went home to take her to Bangolan,  Ndop to bring her to Yaounde but all the road were blocked. I decided to take her through the foumban but the Bamoun who earlier allowed me to pass to my village refused and said no northwesterner was going to pass through their land. I tracked back through a distance of about 10km with her. Getting home, she was already tired and never wanted to go again. The military we busy brutalizing and extorting money from the local population, burning down houses and raping girls. I decided to take the risk,  convinced my mum to go with since I was afraid she counderstands be burned alive in the house. Yesterday Sunday, she finally agreed and we started our journey to Yaounde.

I carried her on my back and we tracked for more than 10km from Bangolan to Ndop, passing through bushes, making use of any edible fruit on our way. We got to Ndop at about Midnight yesterday and rested. Today is Ghost town and nobody is going out. We are preparing to continue this night to Bamenda for another 17km and from there, we will move to Mbounda, about 10Km . Mbounda is not in the crisis region. Surely there,  we will find a vehicle to take me us to Yaoundé

It should be noted that the military shot, killed and burned four youths in Babessi last week.

The youths have resorted to blocking roads to stop the military from getting to the villages as they are no longer forces of law and order but of lawlessness and disorder. People now lives in the forest and bushes and will rather confide in the secessionists that the military.

Put us in your prayers as we are about to start our journey soon.

                         MUH PLAVIOUS KIENYUI
                           NAYD, CAMEROON


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