Tribalism in Cameroon

Cameroon has more than 240 tribes which are found in three main ethnic groups; Bantus, Semi-Bantus and Sudanese. The number of national languages spoken in the country is more than 240. The most notable tribes are:
BANTUS: Beti, Bassa, Bakundu, Maka, Douala, Pygmies……
SEMI-BANTUS: Bamileke, Gbaya, Bamoun, Tikar……..
SUDANESE: Fulbe, Mafa, Toupouri, Shoa-Arabs, Moundang, Massa, Mousgoum.
1. President of the Constitutional Council: ATANGANA Clement is Beti
2. Vice-President of the Constitutional Council a Beti: Mfoumane Akame Uncle and Special Adviser of Biya Paul, President of Cameroon. 
3. Madame Mfoumane a Beti: Mayor of Meyomessala is Beti
4. Lawyer elecam , Atangana is Beti
5. CPDM Representative a Beti: Gregoire Owona
6. Representative of the Ministry of Defense a Beti: Colonel Mvondo
7. Minister of Defense: Beti Assomo
8. Delegate to National Security; Martin Mbarga Nguele
9. Minister of Territorial Administration  representative at the constitutional council a Beti: ESSOMBA.
10. Minister of Labor A beti; Gegoire Owona.
11. The Minister of Health a Beti: Mama Fouda.
12. Minister of Commerce Luc Atangana Magloire.
13. The Minister of Sport is a Beti. BIDOUNG GWETTE
14. Minister of finance is beti LOUIS Paul Motaze.
15. Minister of small and medium size enterprise is beti: Serge Etoudi NGoa
16. Minister of Higher Education: A Beti Fame Ndongo
17. Minister of Agriculture a Beti: Eyebe Ayissi
18. Minister of decentralization is beti;
19. The minister of post and Telecommunication is beti. Mendomo Libom-liken
20. The secretary of the gendarmerie is beti. Galax Etoga
21. The secretary of state at the presidency is beti. Ferdinand Ngo Ngo
22. The director  civil cabinet is beti: Mvondo Ayolo
23. The Deputy Civil Cabinethe is Beti: Osvald Baboke cousin of Chantal Biya
24. Special Adviser to President  Biya Paul a Beti: Admiral Joseph Fouda
25. Military head a Beti: Claude Meka
26. Assistant military head a Beti; AmouGou Bete
27. Director of Protocola beti: Bikele
28: Presidential Security Commander: A beti
29. Head of Intelligence Bureau a Beti: EVINDI
30. General at Intelligence Service  a Beti: Maxime Eko Eko
31. Director of Camair-co a beti: Akame Mfoumou brother of the Vice President of the Constitutional Court
32. Director of  crtv -National television is beti: Charles Ndongo
33. Director of camtel is beti- Nkoto emane
34. Director National Insurance Fund a beti; Moukoulou Mvondon.
35. Director of kribi sea port is beti
36. Director of sodecao is beti
37. Director of enam is beti; Toussain Medzana
38. Director  Sopecam a Beti: Marie Claire Nana
39. Director of ART a Beti: PHILEMMON ZO'O ZAME
40. President of the Republic a beti: Paul Biya 
Etc ............

The list is long and continues. Nobody representing my village in the government. Does it mean we are not educated or we don't deserve to be there?. 

                NAYD, CAMEROON 


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