Reasons why youths should invest in Agriculture in Cameroon

Have you ever wanted to become a farmer? I would not be surprised if you said no.
Increasingly fewer young people in developing countries are aspiring to lives as farmers
After interviewing a lot of youths, we found out the following
  • Youth want to be better educated to get good jobs;
  • Farming is mentally and physically challenging;
  • Youth don’t consider agriculture as a future in part because of a lack of access to inputs and land;
  • Changing norms, especially for women, are creating new opportunities to seek education, employment,
  • Most of them think agriculture is for the poor and the less educated etc.
But this I wrong. The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life.
Discovery of agriculture is probably the biggest milestone in human history. Agriculture was the backbone of formation of human civilization. After formation of agriculture cities, villages started to prosper so did the art science and logic. Even in the current stock market and globalization age agriculture is very well relevant. According to some experts investing in agriculture is even better than investing in gold and other precious metals. Agriculture stocks are still hot potatoes today. Agriculture stocks are companies involved in the farming business. This involves all aspects of the farming business, from fertilizer makers, farm equipment suppliers to seed producers. Agriculture is still one of the biggest businesses in Cameroon and as the world population grows, the demand for more food will also grow.
Eight compelling reasons to work in agriculture
So what were the top ten reasons why agricultural careers are so important? They are listed the following:
  1. The population is increasing.
  2. There is a need for a “new” generation of agriculture.
  3. Agriculture is more diverse now than ever before, offering a wide variety of jobs available.
  4. There is a shortage of college graduates in agriculture.
  5. The Cameroonian industry is growing at a fast pace.
  6. Agricultural technologies are quickly advancing, creating new jobs in Cameroon .
  7. Salaries are increasing to keep people engaged in agricultural careers.
  8. Agricultural careers are rewarding.
  9. There are thousands of jobs that don’t require you to come from a farming backgroun
  10. 10. Pay is better than you think: Average salaries in agriculture exceed the national average.

How to invest in agriculture in Cameroon
African diaspora project management (ADPM) Specialized in project management and advising on investment, our team of experts will assure the good outcome of your works. ADPM brings you turn key businesses such as (invest 2.2 million on a hectare of watermelon and gain 1.7 million in 4 months, invest 2.3 million on a hectare of banana farm and gain 3.4milion 10 month, invest 2.1 million one a hectare of tomatoes and profit 1.9 millions  in 4 months, invest just 1.2 million on a hectare of leeks and gain 1.7 million in 4 months) on which they implants your and guaranty’s you success and obligations of result
The real cause of hunger is the powerlessness of the poor to gain access to the resources they need to feed themselves by FRANCES MOORE. We need to invest in agriculture in other to increase the development of Cameron and create job opportunities in Cameroon. It’s time for youths to be entrepreneurial and the easiest and noble thing they can do is agriculture. ADPM was created to accompany you in your agricultural projects in Cameroon. You do not need to be skillful to invest in agriculture for we have experts at hand to take care of your projects for you. Contact ADPM and realize your projects in no time. contact ADPM Email:, Fixe: +237 233 42 73 58, Skype: african135, Site:, Location: Douala, Cameroon.
                        MUH PLAVIOUS KIENYUI 
                             NAYD , CAMEROON 


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